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Sunday, December 5, 2021

And I Thought 2020 Was Bad... 2021 Can Suck IT!!!

 Just when we thought 2020 was the worst it would get, BAM 2021 comes shows it's ugly face. 2020 started out great! Got my divorced finalized before all the 15day shutdowns happened. I stayed employed and busier than ever and still managed to stay healthy. Played around with relationships, decided I had more fun single. At 35 I can just be me and be there for my kids and focus on my career. Lost an Aunt and Uncle to cancer and dementia in early and late 2020. Farming was an OK year. Didn't get to hunt near what I wanted, or fish for that matter. Kids stayed in school for the most part. They did have some online learning days.

So here comes 2021. Started out OK then just took a spiral like a Jap fighter shot out of the sky by AA fire. Like I said I was focusing on me, my kids and career. I got promoted on the firefighter to Lieutenant. Which makes me a 4th generation firefighter and 3rd generation Lieutenant. Kids finished school. Then here comes July. Thats where my year takes a nose dive to the depths of depression and uncertainty. My dad's health started taking a turn. He was diagnosed earlier with lower back issues. Then July 4th weekend he ended up in the hospital. He had been fighting skin cancer on and off for the past decade or so. They always caught it early and was treatable. Last year in midst of the early pandemic he had surgery to remove skin cancer. Well it reappeared with a vengeance. Melanoma on the surface is treatable. Once it goes internal it's anyone's guess. Well it went internal and wreaked havoc. I took off work to take him to the doctors to help my mom, Dr seemed optimistic yet.Within 10 days it attacked his liver and pancreas and it was not stoppable.  He was severely jaundice, in pain. I watched the strongest man I know be made into the weakest.  Four days later he was back in the hospital, where I had to say my final good byes and and watch him take his last breathes. The hardest part was telling my kids they lost their Pop. So I stepped up and took care of everything that followed so my mom did not have to deal with it all. He was a Navy vet so alot was taken care of and was buried with full honors at the Western Reserve National Cemetery in Rittman, Ohio. It was quick and to the point just how he liked it. To say its been rough would be an understatement, but I know my dad would want me to go on and be the best me. Some may know him as Schismatic Pandemonium on here.

 After everything settled down I finally convinced my mom to take early retirement from the hospital and to enjoy life and her grandkids. Which have done nothing but be leaders and excel. Both were leaders of the month of their school and grade back to back. My son still growing and taking on new roles on the farm. Especially since his Great uncle was hurt. At 9 he drives a skidsteer like a pro and has learned to drive truck and gooseneck around the fields. My daughter still loves her cows and helping her Great aunt. Anything else just doesn't matter anymore.

I'm goin try be around more, but no promises.


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