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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Whats on my mind

At this point in time my mind is running a million miles a minute. Wondering where i should i go and what i should do. Right now im just hangin on for the ride and gettin by with help from friends and family. Without them i dont know what i would do.

I have the option to take a volunteer permanent transfer from my home terminal of Bellevue to either South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland or Alabama. I'm leaning towards Alabama for 1. its warm 2. its country 3. prime huntin and fishin. So that is crossing my mind every minute. I'm hurrying to make to weigh the pros and cons, cuz i dont have but 5 days to decide to apply for the transfer. The GF is all for it.

I recently went through the CCW class and deciding on a pistol to buy, which i have it narrowed down to what i want. Which brings me to my next topic


For you of those that are the "city slicker" type you may be offended but i don't care cuz most of you are blind, stupid, and just don't see the real world. For it is the "city slicker" type that put us in the situation we are in now. As in the small town things move slower and we actually live for the moment and treasure every sunset and sunrise and hard days work and family. As i sit back and watch the news time from time, which isn't often cuz its huntin season for one and i like to stay busy. I see the U.S. Government fuckin up here and over seas over and over again. I think i can run it better, but that's just my view. I'm tired of the government tellin me what i can and cant do and the if shit keeps up we may lose more rights than we have already lost. But the way i see it history is starting to repeat itself. its reminding me of the revolutionary war way back in 1770's. Where England kept taxing us against our will cuz the king wanted more money. And if it keeps up there will be another revolution in our future where the people will revolt and take back OUR country. And guess who is goin to do it? The people that always get trampled on! And guess who that is... The blue collar class. which most of us rednecks are part of, and have the most guns. There are rumors floatin around that our guns are goin to get taxed more and even the ones we already own. Which will be a cold day in hell. If they try to pull the bullshit better watch out cuz we wont take that bullshit and will stand up and defend our "castle". I as many people that i know see the same thing and are prepared to do whatever it takes to defend our homes and families. So a warning to the government, DON'T PULL A JAPANESE MOVE AND WAKE A SLEEPING GIANT...

Now to huntin. Openin season for shotgun season is fast approaching, November 30 here in Ohio. Goin be good times huntin with the gf and her dad down at the farm slayin deer. Been bow huntin a few times, but with workin weird hours havent had much time. Already missed an 8pt buck mainly because i forgot my release and was shootin freehand which threw me off just enough to miss. My friend ended upo droppin the buck couple weeks later. But as with life theres always another day. Duck huntin has been fun. rocked a few geese's world but not been able to drop any. was never cold enough to get them to fly south from Canada. But my $150 Winchester 1400 12ga hasnt let me down too much tho, only wish it would hold 3 inch shells. Its also trappin season which my gf runs a trap line and usually works a fur shop in the winter, but with the bad economy, thanks city slickers. the prices aren't good enough for her boss to buy this year. She has managed to trap couple coon and several muskrats. It may not pay alot now but it is fun.

Fishing was fun this year as i got to go quite a bit and tried new places and caught some fish i haven't managed to catch before like crappie and smallmouth. Can't wait for fishin season again and when its fishin season cant wait for huntin season. but i hunt year round too. summer is good for coyote and woodchuck huntin.

This is all on my mind for now as i got to go to bed to work in the mornin and try to work on a couple wood projects before work. Its been a long hard week.
see yall later