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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Loaded Rant

Its been a long time coming and its all boiling over the top onto the stove.
First off last night was elections for those desperate schools needing more money. My shout out is to the  people sheeple in Keystone school district that will suck the school board off and ask for seconds. I frankly don't care if this offends you, the give-a-fuck ship has sailed along time ago. All the while you celebrate your small victory for whats it worth, you are now the most hated people within the school district. Do you realize what you just fuckin did to the community? You just volunteered money from people that are barely scratchin by already into a more dire situation. Yea 200 odd dollars for a 100,000 dollar house, that adds up quick! I was pissed bout paying 2 bucks just so I could get my check direct deposited, and thats only 50 bucks give or take. Oh they should move, no fuck that, people shouldn't go broke or scrape by for a damn school, in a place they want to live.   The school system is highly corrupt and has been for a long ass time, but yall are too blind to see through the smoke. They have no sense of priority. They spent more money on a new stadium tryin to show up to the big city schools then they will spend in education in a year. News flash you are still in a small town farming community, the money is not there so don't act like it is. Those people sheeple/city folk that want to live in a 'small town' setting that live on the north side, or the wrong side seem to think they can move in and run the town. Well congratufuckinlations you just screwed a small town all up. I used to love livin in LaGrange, lived there for better part of 24 years. Moved away for less than 3 and it has turned into more than a town I'd ever want to live in. I mean for cryin out loud there was a dumbfuck that lived on a back road that wrote to the newspaper complainin that the farmer next door purposely sprayed manure on a hot day and it smelled up his house and he couldn't open his windows. For fuck sake shut the fuck up and go back to what ever fuct up place you were before. People livin on less than an acre with huge houses, that livin? Thats a fuckin prison sentence. So celebrate now and they better watch their ass because the people will be watchin very closely on how you spend the money! End rant No. 1

Secondly, What in the flyin fuck is goin on in this country? You got race baitin, riotin, lootin, shootin. Fuck it hang em all! Fuck al sharpton that sorry sawed off sumbitch can hang and rot in hell.

Another observation why in the fuck are laptops gettin smaller, phones gettin bigger and people gettin stupider!
And is it just me or are the fuckin turn signals on cars gettin fuckin smaller?!?! I can't hardly see them lil fuckers half the time. Think they need mandate them fuckers, I consider them a safety device, doesn't matter I guess when half of the people don't fuckin use them.

I got more, but fuck it!
Good Fuckin Day

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  1. The dumbest thing I have ever heard of is for people to raise their own taxes. "But it's for the children. Don't you like children" Oh my aching ass. Quit spending our money on shit and start spending it on education and the children will be fine. Good Day


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