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Monday, November 3, 2014

Yep Seems Bout Right


  1. We know what we got as leadership of this country. As Jefferson said, 'The tree of Liberty is maintained by the blood of tyrants and patriots.' No need for blood now. We got an election tomorrow.

  2. Hey Yankie

    {hehe jokes bro, jokes}

    It's your Kiwi Konection

    I know you're a busy man but I would appreciate a little of you or your peoples time...

    The New Zealand Government will vote on Wednesday 5th November on weather to send our Special Forces to the Middle-East(if they are not already there)
    I do not trust you're President Hussein as the shot-caller...

    I have stumbled onto a NZ political blog called No Minister

    I am doin my bit to keep the bastards honest but they seem to be pushing an agenda ie radio silence, playing dumb or ignorance ect...

    I'm tryin to figure out how you bloggers earn you're bread and the angles with this mob don't seem right to me...

    Any ideas would be appreciated...


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