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Thursday, January 2, 2014

NSA Has Complete Control Of Your iPhone, Can aActivate Your Microphone And Camera Without You Knowing

Leaked documents now show what we all suspected: the NSA can turn your iPhone’s microphone and camera on and off without you knowing.
According to Der Spiegel’s website:
“The NSA’s ANT division develops implants for mobile phones and SIM cards. One of these is a spyware implant called “DROPOUTJEEP” — designed for the first generation of iPhones — which was still in development in 2008, shortly after the iPhone’s launch. This spyware was to make it possible to remotely download or upload files to a mobile phone. It would also, according to the catalog, allow the NSA to divert text messages, browse the user’s address book, intercept voicemails, activate the phone’s microphone and camera at will, determine the current cell site and the user’s current location, “etc.” ANT’s technicians also develop modified mobile phones, for use in special cases that look like normal, standard devices, but transmit various pieces of information to the NSA — that can be swapped undetected with a target’s own mobile phone or passed to informants and agents. In 2008, ANT had models from Eastcom and Samsung on offer, and it has likely developed additional models since.”

And this is one reason I don't own a smartphone of any kind. These cellphone companies are
trying to shove them down your throat like its the best thing since sliced bread. I use my phone to text
and call people. I have a laptop for the internet.


  1. I do not have a smart phone, and I have texting blocked. Not even the provider can text me. If the NSA (or another alphabet A**HOLES is involved in this crap) loads a software on a device, are they NOT responsible for THEIR portion of the bill??? As a matter of fact I THINK they should pay the entire bill, out of Conn-gressmans pockets.


  2. Had a phone that took 8 pictures of my arm as I slept, 4 without flash, 4 with, it went back within the week...... ;-/


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