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Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Opinion On The Phil Controversy

    I'm not a bible thumper, in fact far from it. When the time comes I'm sure me and the good lord will have a sit down and have a long discussion. I think I've done enough good to over come the sins I've commited. That being said I don't discriminate against until it affects me personally.
     I support Phil 100% on what he said, it was his opinion, he's entitled to it. A&E and the lgbt or however it goes is blowing a small portion of what Phil said way out of proportion. He simply stated "...that he prefers a woman's vagina over a man's anus...", but what isn't being said or showed is what followed that statement. " However, I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other." Phil is very old fashioned and thats what I like about him. The man has some big cojones and will tell it to you straight and won't beat around the bush. Thats the kind of people I like to do business with, someone that will look you in the eye, shake your hand and be outright with it.
   This nation, whether people want to admit it or not, was based on God. Why? Because in God's eye all men are created equal. That is why we fought to be free from Britain because they didn't believe everyone was equal, you were either a poor peasant or royalty.
   There are groups out there that forget this and want special attention or special treatment because they are different.
    That being said A&E commited suicide. They took the patriarch of the Robertson clan out. If they were to stop and think about it for one second they just destroyed their number 1 show on the network and maybe TV. And who do you think watches DD more, rednecks or gays in which they support heavily. Also that should show you there are more rednecks then gays in this country. I'm sure there was some yuppies watching which he bashes alot for good reason.
    So if you see someone against Phil you can bet they are one of the following: gay, liberal or a yuppie. This country would be better off if 2 of the 3 ceases to exist.

This is my opinion and I approve it.
Country Rebel 


  1. Pretty much agree with you, on all points. A couple of observations, though, and a question .

    First, isn't it totally unsurprising that the same folks who are demonizing Phil, were strangely silent about Martin Bashir ? Maybe they were too busy forcing people to pay for abortion coverage that they morally objected to ?

    "...that he prefers a man's vagina over a man's anus...", Freudian slip ? ;-)

    And which of the three groups are worth saving ?

    1. Yeah, I saw qhat I THOUGHT must be a 'typo'. but I'll let it slide. ( I can't type well either, nor have I seen the interview, only heard about it second/third hand)

      There are many who deserve the same criticism on the other side of the fence if this man deserves any at all. Oprah, anyone?

    2. Simple answer: liberal and yuppie, both never done me any good. Yea some of the keys on this laptop don't quite work right all the time and I was tryin to hurry and type while I had it in my head.

  2. Oprah started out in Baltimore.Way back when.I cant stand the skank.

  3. And then there is the remote possibility that Phil & Company have the same Agent as Miley Cyrus and this $10 million dollars worth of free publicity is not quite accidental.



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