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Rated R

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Dear Mom And Dad...

Dear Mom and Dad,
The war is done.
My task is through.
And Mom, there's something I must ask of you.

I have a friend, Oh such a friend.
He has no home you see.
And see, Mom, I'd really like
to bring him home with me.

Dear Son, we don't mind
if he comes home with you.
I'm sure he could stay...
perhaps a week or two.

Dear Mom and Dad,
There's something you must know.
Now please don't be alarmed,
but my friend in battle was recently shot,
and now he has no arm.

Dear Son, don't be afraid
to bring him home with you.
Perhaps he could stay...
for a day or two.

Dear Mom and Dad,
But Mom, he's not just a friend,
he's like a brother too;
that's why I want him home with us,
and he'll be like a son to you.

Before you give your answer, Mom,
I really don't want to beg,
but my friend in battle was recently wounded
and also lost his leg.

Dear Son, it hurts so much to say,
the answer must be no;
for Dad and I have no time
for a boy who is crippled so.

So months went by and a letter came,
it said their son had died.
When they read the cause of death,
the shock was "suicide".

Days later when the casket came.
Draped in America's flag.
They saw their son lying there,
...without an arm, without a leg.

~~Author Unknown.

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